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Colour in the Beauty Industry

By Frankie Opinion

Hello, hi. Welcome to Melanated Minds, I’m Frankie and I’ll be taking over today.

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I’m a big make up enthusiast. I’m content in spending all the money necessary on a good foundation and eyeshadow palette, and I probably won’t think twice about it. Buying and using make up is a hobby for me in some ways, but on most occasions the beauty industry makes indulging in my little hobby very difficult.


Yes, let’s talk product shade range.


Rihanna broke boundaries by giving her Fenty collection a range of 40 foundation shades, it was undertone galore for all people of colour but Rihanna was not the first to introduce such a widespread foundation range. However, when she launched Fenty Beauty? She sparked the awakening of the beauty industry.

Suddenly, several brands could see that black people didn’t have one undertone and that one undertone wasn’t orange. They started to see that brown skinned people like me weren’t the darkest shade of melanin. We go so much deeper than that and they should account for it; YouTubers like Nyma Tang and Cydnee Black were constantly vocalising their problems with finding shades that they could use, let alone shades that matched their undertone.

I guess in that sense I was lucky, my problem with finding make up that could work for me was always centred around the undertone being way too off. Drugstore brands like Maybelline and Revlon were trying their absolute best for the cause, but still had a little way to go in the undertone department. Despite all that, at least my shade was there right? In that respect, I should be grateful.

However, when you start to see 25 shades of “beige” with 5 shades of “caramel” you realise the issue isn’t you being ungrateful. There is absolutely no need to be grateful for fulfilling the bare minimum requirements. The issue stands with the beauty industry ignoring you; you then start to think you should take the minimum you are given because some don’t even get that “opportunity” to collect a shade.


Yeah, dead that.


I’m going to need these companies to keep the same energy for all skin tones (Beauty Blender and Tarte? I am most definitely looking at you guys x) but up until then, I’m going to keep being vocal about it. Whether the problem always concerns me or not, the playing field isn’t levelled. We already know this, but in something as simple as beauty I think it’s possible to spark a little change where we can. Luckily, there are beauty brands who have done just that; developed by black women with black skin tones in mind, companies such as Beauty Bakerie, Juvia’s Palace and Mented Cosmetics saw where the gap was and decided to fill it. Shout out to them because for that, I am forever grateful.


Our melanin is not offensive and should not be ignored, that’s facts right there. So beauty industry, I’m going to need to see some growth.


With all my love,




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15th December 2018

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