I Am

11th July 2019





Melanated Minds I Opinion

Melanated Minds I  Opinion

I am the darkness of my skin that flows 

Across my grin like a bloodstream all over 


I am the thickness of my thighs like a 

Stuffed pillow waiting for you to sleep 


I am the hijab upon my head, put on like a 

Nutella spread

I am the chubby of my cheeks, waiting to 

Laugh whenever you speak

I am the sparkle of my teeth, grinning 

While you’re beneath

I am the almond of my eye, while I aim

Way above high 

I am the grace of my walk, whilst you

Carry on and talk

I am the elegance of my smile like I’m 

Walking down the aisle but that’s not why I smile

You aim to put me down but I will always rise

Because all this I possess is only mine 

I am the darkness of my skin

The thickness of my thighs

The hijab upon my head

And the chubby of my cheeks

The sparkle of my teeth

The almond of my eye 

The grace of my walk

And the elegance of my smile

Can you say that or are you not in style?




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