Given Hate.


Please stop using my colour

As the ammo for your discrimination

For bigoted slurs shoot from your lips

Ensuring that you don’t make a miss

You aim to hit

Fatally raw parts of my soul

From others like you

It’s getting old

You don’t stop to listen to the things that you say

If you did

You’d hear nothing but lucid hate

I bite the bullet

Chewing and spitting it out

Using my eyes to tell you just what I’m about

They turn from brown to red

Bounding you dead

Just like your words

That have shot and are leaking red

You’re soo small

Using flawless slander

Just to stand tall.

You misconstrue the disgust that you speak for truth

You stand knee deep in the lava of your truth

Turning the lava into flames

Massacring all who disagree with your claims

You’re bigoted


Sickly twisted

Never shifted

Shit, get with it.

You’re polluted

Far from rooted

In the reality that we live in

If you think me saying my life matters

Is saying yours is of the latter

What really matters

Is I watch myself die every time

I see soul less eyes being shared online

Before their time

Mums on their knees screaming why

As they die

On the inside

Looking at their life on the floor.

When I have to say my life matters

I shatter

Why is it even something I have to say?

Because I’m just like you

If you were me

Would you want to be punished to?

I reach my hand to you

Those that stand with us we love you too.



By Molisha Madison

Instagram: @molishas.mind











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Given Hate

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30th December 2018

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