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Depression and other mental Health problems are sometimes not as obvious as we might think. We often confuse depression with being tired, irritable, or unhappy. We assume that a person is suffering with depression will just snap and get over whatever is keeping them down. It is not that easy, it's more complicated than we think.

Signs and symptoms of depression can go unnoticed for months or even years. We as a family and a community must understand the signs and symptoms of depression in order to get help for ourselves and to help our family. This includes our children, co-workers and friends. 


Understanding depression and recognizing symptoms will allow us to help ourselves and others with treatment. We must find coping methods to help us live comfortable happy productive lives. For some, it may be changing our diets, meditation, counseling, or working out. We may find hobbies and activities to help us find peaceful refuge. We must first take small steps. Like admitting we need support for our depression. We must make changes in our homes. Small changes like organizing our homes and making our home and work areas more comfortable. Adding plants, color, and pictures to our homes are small changes we can do to improve our mood.


For the long term, we must seek treatment from professionals, support groups, and medication if necessary. We cannot hide behind food, drugs, alcohol, sex and other feel-good methods to mask our pain. We must admit we are depressed, swallow our pride and reach out for help. 

In our black communities, we are told to be strong and keep pushing. We are told to pray or have a drink to relax. These methods and techniques are quick 

fixes that do not make long term improvements.

How can we be strong when we are at our limit? If we had a bruise or intense physical pain, we would seek professional medical care. We must do the same with our mental health. We must seek help and follow up. We must talk about our depression and allow others to offer help, guidance and advice. If not, we will continue to suffer and pass the pain to our children and grandchildren. They will hide behind addictions, self-medication, and drown in their own mental pain.



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Black Mind's Matter - Understanding and Accepting Mental Health and Depression within Our Communities

21st May 2019





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