Three in a Pod is an is an exciting and chatty lifestyle podcast hosted by three amazing young black women who want to talk about everything and anything from hair to mental health.


The podcast idea came about in the summer of 2018 when I(Joanna) felt it was crucial to have a platform for younger young black women to speak freely about whatever topic they choose without being gaslighted. With my new idea in mind, I went on a search to find two co-hosts whereby I found the incredible Naomi and Ummi. It was here that ThreeInAPod was born.


Despite being at the beginning of our podcast journey, personally for me running a podcast isn’t light work, it takes time, dedication and consistency. My experiences have been nothing but positive thus far. I’ve met such nice people along the way and been blessed to have such a support system behind me. One of the best things is seeing the support from people I don’t even know which is crazy to me.


One thing I enjoy the most about the podcast and probably the most important thing for me is just being able to speak my mind freely. It also feels fulfilling to allow others to have a platform to speak freely, without being gaslighted or interrupted as such. As a black young woman, it is very easy for our voices to be muted and not heard. Therefore, being able to just record whatever I want and say whatever I want (with a pinch of salt lol) is very freeing. This is probably the best part about the podcast for me.


However, I would be lying if I said there weren’t any challenges alongside running a podcast. Especially as young black women. For example, scheduling. I and the other girls all lead busy lives, juggling university and working full time. So, it is understandable when we can’t get our schedules to match. But it is all about the process and we get the job done regardless. Another thing I would assume to be a challenge is negative backlash. We haven’t had any negative backlash, but I would assume that is a challenge that will come along with time. One of us might say something that someone doesn’t agree with and that person might take it upon themselves to let us know. It hasn’t happened yet, but we will be ready for when that “challenge” comes about lol. Lastly, just bringing it back to being black women, we might not get the same opportunities as other podcasts out there. Although, looking at the success of podcasts like The Receipts and The Gathering Pod goes to show that success is possible for us especially as young black women.


The Three In A Pod story has only just begun and there is more where that came from.

We currently release a podcast once every month so stay updated on our twitter page @THREEINAPOD and Instagram page @three.inapod for the latest episode drops and more!


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Three in a Pod

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15th December 2018

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