My name is Caroline and I am the founder of TravelEatSlay an apparel brand and community of travellers. 


Now in it's 3rd year the brand was formed from an idea I had whilst working for an events company that gave us the opportunity to travel worldwide, stay in luxurious hotels and eat good food of course. With every city I visited I came back with a souvenir but then the light bulb moment happened "why not create something to take along the trips that can show/tell people the lifestyle that I am living". The slogan Travel, Eat, Slay was born and it is a bold travel statement. 


As well as merchandise, I started hosting group trips around Europe for a day. It kicked off last year as a trial to see whether people would be interested in the idea. The trips are targeted at anyone keen on connecting with like minded travellers, exploring Europe for a day without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of their work schedule/annual leave. To date we have embarked on 12 group trips and have started including brands to enhance the experience for example National Express & Toyshades (a sunglasses brand) 


On the social side and to increase brand awareness I am also hosting events in London which includes Sip & Paint events (an evening painting workshop led by a professional artist) WalkTourBrunch (a day out experience for creatives exploring a neighbourhood in London, creating content)


A travel tip to share for black people: sometimes you need to push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone, do not be afraid to learn new things and if you want to travel just do it. No excuses or waiting for others to jump onboard.


For information on the next group trip join the mailing list 


Find us on social media @traveleatslay


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16th August 2019


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